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July 23, 2014 1 min read

So... WOW!


We're in business! We have worked really, really, really hard to get here. As with many exciting ventures out here, so you can be sure that our experience is only going to good use!

The Journey.

This has involved many late nights. Designs being developed. Scrap pieces of paper. Notebooks. Phone calls. Tea and coffee. Unfortunately, chocolate and pizza, equating to a little bit of chub being taken on, got a bit more of a bounce in my step - ha ha! Happiness, frustration, more happiness, craziness, a pint, a tear and then even more bags and bags of happiness.

We've made it.

I want to warmly welcome you to our site. You will find something, if not a poster or save-the-date , an idea you would like me to brief you on.

Want to support us? Join us on our journey with any of these :) 

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Any products marked as 'SOLD OUT' or 'OUT OF STOCK' - bear with us as we're just getting these into our stock room! Oh Yeah!! ;)

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