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 Bespoke Design - Wedding Invitations UK EivisSa Kind DesignsBespoke Design - Wedding Invitations UK EivisSa Kind DesignsBespoke Design - Wedding Invitations UK EivisSa Kind Designs

Wedding invitationsWedding Stationery is personal.

The hours of planning, organising vendors, caterers, family, friends and making your day a perfection is not always an easy task. Sending out your Wedding Invitations will give an introduction to your day and the hard work you have both put in to it. 

Make your Stationery as personal as your Wedding. 

How does it work?

  • We request an email brief. We encourage you to express your ideas and themes through a design brief. 

  • Include any wedding inspirations, photos, themes, colours, textures, Pin’s (we love Pinterest) that you feel reflects your idea. 

  • We need to know what would you be hoping to order and the quantities: Invitations, details card, RSVP, Place cards etc.

  • Once we have obtained this information, we will supply an invoice which outlines the design and printing process costs. 


What’s the process?

Once you've approved the invoice, we require £40 (deposit) before we begin designing. This covers two hours of designing your ideas and is part of your invoice.

We create two/three designs, which you can choose from. This is the stage where we work from all the information that you have provided us – which is why it is key to give us your thoughts and ideas.

What’s the cost?

You have now paid for the design cost. You then choose the design you would like us to develop or use for your invitations. There are no running design costs, once you have chosen your favourite design and approved the quote, we continue developing this until you're happy to print.

How to pay?

  • Our website allows to set-up your invoice. We can then email list to you.
  • We can create a personalised 'Custom Order' listing on our website, which you can order on our website.
  • Lastly, you could choose to pay your Order by PayPal, Debit or Credit Card or Bank Transfer to our Business Account listed on all of our invoices and quotes.

In a nutshell…

  • 1) Your Ideas and stationery requirements
  • 2) Design Brief & full Quotation
  • 3) Our Ideas - £40 for two hours design work developing your ideas
  • 4) Amendments - Payment - Approval to Print
  • 5) Printing
  • 6) Delivery… Get ready to send out your invitations!


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