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Proofreading Guide:

Wedding Invitations UK

How to Proofread your Custom Design or House Collection PDF Proof...

We use the information that you send to us and we know how exciting it is to see your Wedding Invitations, therefore in any carried-away state, a person can naturally misspell a venue, postcode or a name… even their own (we don’t judge).

 Wedding invitations

Less haste, more speed…The 10 Step Proofreading Guide


Step 1

Once received, print off all your PDF* proofs (invitations and RSVP’s, details, menus, table numbers/names, save the dates, table seating plan) then go and make a cup of tea. Seriously, put the kettle on. Make sure you have a pen ready as it (cognitively) promotes you to mark/notice any mistakes 

Step 2

Read through it, line-by-line, checking: the introductory text (if any), names, date, times, places/venues, reply/RSVP if applicable, email address, directions, accomodation and gift list/message. Then check the colours – as with all digital designs, the colour may vary on-screen. Depending on your printer, set it to print ‘Best’, although this could still alter the colour gradient mind you! Email us if you are having any trouble matching colours to your swatch. Check illustrations, styles, positioning and layouts. Remember, to check ALL the PDF pages. (I bet you missed the deliberate spelling mistake... *accommodation - popular misspelling)

Step 3

Go back to the beginning. Are there any extra spaces between words? Are the text positions correct? Is that Post Code right? Put on your ‘guest hat’ and put yourself in the position of having just opened an envelope to find your invitation? Is there anything missing? 

Step 4

Having read it, do you know when, where, how you are attending your wedding? 

Step 5

Put it down. Make sure your Bride-to-Be or Husband-to-Be reads this too

Step 6

Do you have an eagle-eyed parent, sibling or friend? A member of your Wedding Party perhaps? Ask them to check this too. Swear them to secrecy if you must

Step 7

Leave it a few hours – yes, really do not look at it. Your eyes will get used to seeing the proof making it difficult to spot any changes that need to be made

Step 8

After a few hours, pick it up, read it again with refreshed eyes

Step 9

Make these changes, scan this and send it back to us

Step 10

Make another cup of tea {or glass of something} – you deserve it.



    How we can help…

    •  Our Price List - here's our 2017-2018 Wedding Stationery Price List, gradually coming into effect by 1st October 2017
    • *PDF = Portable Document Format (Adobe Acrobat)