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What's your budget? The Wedding Booking issue...

July 22, 2015 3 min read

Wedding Budget, RSVP's Tracker and table Seating Plans...

OK, so you're engaged and you've started looking at Venues and Dates. Often the two go hand-in-hand but there's always that terrifying feeling that you've found or at least have an idea of where you want to get married, you call up and ask the dreaded question...Have you got MY DATE free?

YES! You can provisionally hold that date while you get your other half to commit to a time when you both can view. Most places will hold a date for you. There are possible 'scare-tactics' that, 'we have someone else interested in this date?' just like when you view a house to buy or rent, you make the appointment, you turn up, and low and behold...SOMEONE squeezed their way in front of you and made that offer. These things can happen and they can be heart-breaking.

NO! You're date is already taken. 'What's the likelihood that the couple will keep this?' Very likely but that's not stopping you from adding your name to the list (yes, there are lists for cancellation dates). If you're pinning hopes to a couple moving or changing their minds in the very lucky event they do, ALWAYS, always, always check with your place of Ceremony if you can alter this last minute too. There's no point having the Venue or Ceremony of your dreams becoming free and the other can't then fit you in!
You may have to suck up and change the date or Venue (unhappy face - but only temporally, remember you're marrying the Man or Lady of your dreams, what's a "...rose (Marriage) by any other date or venue would smell as sweet"Yes it will. It's both of yours' special day and you CAN make anything work for you, as a couple - I mean you've come this far right??...remember that!

Unfortunately a deposit commitment is likely going to win unless you were lucky to have a Venue Wedding Planner who believes in fair, first-come-first-serve. If you have the chance to hold a date while you get up/down/in there to view it, always take it (by 'holding, I mean, no deposit to be paid but a co-ordinator holding the date and adding other possible couples interest in a queue after you - a fair list).

So, you've looked around your venues, you've held the date where you can and you've both discussed the costs or packages...

You want to make sure again that your Church/Place of Worship, Registry Office or even the Venue (check this while you're there, sometimes people will chop and change, having one Venue to get married and another for their reception/afterwards) itself have the same DATE available... It's a nail biting experience!


Both the official Ceremony and the Venue have the YOUR DATE free. You make the decision the book...


Now, as everything starts to become real and the budget becomes very important. Some couples don't need to worry about this little niggle, some like to really work their Wedding Fund and some couples really do want to look at every...fine...detail - whatever your approach to your Budget is, it's completely down to you, the couple, it's your day!

Therefore, to help you in your challenge of best utilising your Budget, we have a free Wedding Budget Planner Tracker to digitally download.

There are two versions - a simplistic Spreadsheet and one to track exact how much everything is, whether you're heading below or above Budget and where you can make savings.


All you have left to do is pay your hard-earned cash to the Venue, the establishment where your Ceremony is taking place and then you have officially booked your Wedding!

Suze xxx

(If you ever want to download any of the Wedding Budget, RSVP or any of the Table Seating Plans, it's under 'Tools To Help!'


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