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"What season is it when you are on a trampoline?"

March 19, 2015 1 min read

...Spring time!

Ok, well Spring has been a little sneaky. Not completely sure how I feel a about it creeping up! But... We are so excited that we have 5, YES, 5 new Wedding Invitation Designs coming in the next couple of days (Yay!) and our new stationery and shop photography, next to be updated are our awesome Posters! That is what we call a Spring Clean!

Congratulations to all you newly engaged ladies and gentlemen - whether the soon-to-be couples are Bride and Groom, Groom and Groom or Bride and Bride, it will be our pleasure to supply your Wedding Stationery. We do not see many same-sex couples Invitations... so we really want to design some and your input would be great xx


Instead of altering existing designs, we are privileged to be able to design bespoke Wedding Stationery for couples, so please don't be disheartened if you haven't something on our website that's 'YOU' because we will go out of our way to design your stationery, just for you. If you are feeling the pressure of not finding what you want, feel free to email me or call me and we can discuss (more chatting with a cuppa Tea and biscuit really) what it is you are looking for. Don't be shy!

Back to updating our website! Ahh! #Excited #DontStopMeNow #CallMe


Suze xx



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